Techni-Grip Workholding System was born directly from our manufacturing company’s efforts to solve a number of work holding challenges, that all CNC mill work creates.

We wanted to solve the challenges of the following:

  • Part stability and security when in the cutDimensional repeatability
  • Reducing raw material requirements for work-holding purposes
  • Improving work-piece accessibility
  • Standardizing work-holding thereby greatly reducing dedicated tooling and fixture costs
  • Providing the ability to run large or multiple workpieces on the same fixture
  • Eliminating the need for soft jaws in as many cases as possible
  • The ability to swap fixtures from machine to machine without complications
  • Reduce the amount of torque required to secure workpieces thereby reducing the preloaded stress in the raw material/workpiece when in the cut.

What People Say

“After realizing the substantial savings in tooling costs attributable to our Techni-Grip 4th axis assembly, I decided to incorporate both of their TombStone configurations in our horizontal cells.”

~Todd Reitan
Axxis Manufacturing

“…Techni-Grip vises are very rigid and allow high metal removal rates without the typical ‘pull-out’ problems of more conventional vise designs. This is very helpful to us when demonstrating the maximum capabilities of our machine tools.”

~Alan Hollatz
Makino Inc.

“…The Techni-Grip tombstone is a terrific tool to maximize cellular machining capabilities while reducing the number of pallets required.”

~Brian Cox
Ellison Machinery

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